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Who can become our associate?

Who can become
our associate?

Industry experts who are having extensive skill and experience in their field. People who analyze and understanding the existing problems, and develop financial strategies as a solution.

Social media is your playground. You have a good number of followers & subscribers who easily consume all the content you share.

“I’m my own boss”, if that’s your mantra, then this is the right business platform for you. Where you can Earn and grow. The desire is powered by your dedication. And that takes you places!

Why you should
become our associate?

Why you should become our associate?

It’s a scope for passive income and building a business of your own, with a flexible working schedule offering an alternative to the traditional employment letting you, “Be your own boss”.

Develop a source of active & passive income also got different recognition in different levels.

With our hand holding process you can access & leverage industry leading infrastructure for your work.

In addition, there is always great support from the team of certified experts and hand holding support from the company.

Associates or consultants will get benefit of sales training for all the products, ground level coaching, and better lead generation process for future growth.

SFPL Platform

CRM for Business Associates

SFPL is a platform where the business partners can access an array of revenue and manage various client assets. The software provides active and inactive clients, leads, follow-ups etc. It also allows them to work from home.


Business Associates


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CRM for Shivanti Finserv Business Associates

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Lead & Follow-up Management
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