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Bonds Investment
Bonds are as important to an investment portfolio today as ever. While many investments provide some form of income, bonds tend to offer the highest and most reliable cash streams. Therefore, bonds are the popular option for those who need to live off of their investment income.

Benefits of Bonds

Higher liquidity

Since corporate debt funds are generated to satisfy the short term financing requirements of a business, they too are short term in nature. Also, corporate bond mutual funds can be obtained and sold as per the wish of the investor.

Offers diversification

Almost every investor has heard the phrase “don’t put your eggs in one basket.” It may be a cliché, but it's time-tested wisdom nonetheless. Over time, greater diversification can provide investors with better risk-adjusted returns

Preserve principal

Fixed income investments are very useful for people nearing the point where they will need to use the cash they have invested – for instance, an investor within five years of retirement or a parent whose child is starting college.

Possess tax advantages

Certain types of bonds can also be useful for those who need to reduce their tax burdens. While the income on bank instruments, most money market funds, and equities are taxable unless held in a tax-deferred account.

Bonds Partner

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